Warranty and Maintanence
  • Digital Future Voice and Data will deliver only new equipment to customers. In accordance with the manufacturers policies and procedures.
  • All  new equipment has a 30 day comprehensive warranty; where in, new, non-damaged, equipment may be exchanged at no cost.
  • Digital Future extends optional warranties on all new products. the warranties offered depend on the manufacturer of the product. All such warranties are assumed to be between the end user organization and the manufacturer of the product(s) in question.
  • Digital Future will register, abide by, and honour all of the specified conditions of the extended product warranties between the manufacturer and the end user.   
  • Digital Future will take full responsibility of programming, installing, and testing of the new equipment at Digital Future laboratories and/or on the customer’s premise.
  • Digital Future  offers 'Support and Maintenance Agreement(s)' for customers. The terms and conditions of these agreements is subject to specific conditions.
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