IP Office 500 v2 Editions
  • Basic Edition – simple telephony and messaging

 Avaya IP Office Basic Edition is the ideal solution for small enterprises that need more productivity with a professional touch. IP Office Basic Edition delivers what small and growing businesses need most in today’s competitive environment with the flexibility, sophistication and expandability of the IP Office.
Many small businesses want the ability to grow, and with IP Office Basic Edition starting with two extensions and expand to 100; begin with a single line and grow to 64. Increase capacities and features only as you need them. And with features like Caller ID, Dial-by-Name, Automated Attendant, Multi-Party Conferencing, Integrated Voicemail, and more.
IP Office Basic Edition is the lowest level package for Avaya's IP Office system, incorporating voice messaging and basic auto attendant.
Voicemail box for all employees on the system; voicemail notifications on email
Limited automated attendants can be programmed for basic routing of incoming calls
Basic Edition only works with analog and digital handsets and only scales to 100 users
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  • Essential Edition – IP telephony plus mobility

The IP Office Essential Edition is the foundation upon which to build your IP Office solution. Providing the necessary mobility, call handling and routing functionality for IP Office, Essential Edition helps ensure small businesses have the communications tools they need to operate effectively and efficiently.
One number access, caller ID, dial-by-name, automated attendants, conferencing, voicemail, and more. Essential Edition provides the “must haves” small businesses need to enhance their communications with customers and colleagues and streamline their operations.
Automated attendants can be programmed for basic routing of incoming calls. Program up to 40 automated attendants (maximum 6 simultaneous calls) to handle almost any customer situation. Customize caller greetings so key clients receive a personal message and are routed directly to the most appropriate person or team.

Voicemail box for all employees on the system; ability to send voicemail to email. A range of choices that enable staff to stay connected regardless of where they are. Retrieve voicemail messages from the keypad on any telephone, through the context- sensitive display on an Avaya phone, or via email (voicemail messages show up just like an email).
Dial By Name - Using your internal directory, callers can easily search the person they wish to connect with via touch tone.
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  • Preferred Edition – powerful, integrated unified communications

IP Office Preferred Edition delivers intelligent communications capabilities that enable staff to collaborate easily and respond quickly to customers and colleagues. With Preferred Edition, businesses can use communications to establish a competitive edge – through intelligent call routing, sophisticated messaging – and call handling and application integration.
IP Office Preferred Edition is our most commonly requested package, adding conferencing, call routing, call recording & flexible programming.
Secure “Meet Me” Conferencing – Built-in 128-party conferencing means all users can host their own password- protected conference bridge (up to 64-parties per conference) to enhance collaboration. Host a multitude of calls simultaneously. Add optional HD video to conference with colleagues.

Automated Call Routing – Create unlimited automated attendants (with an unlimited number of levels) for sophisticated call routing. Customize to handle calls by time of day, day of week or other variable. Recognize callers and deliver personalized messages to them. Pre-record announcements (holiday greetings, promotions) and schedule for future use.

Call Recording – Recording of incoming or outgoing calls is built-in. Set the frequency of recorded calls (all calls, a percentage of calls). Record with the push of a button, and send recordings directly to voice/email mailboxes for forwarding via email.
Flexible programming via a graphical user interface - makes customizable call routing changes to your business easy and quick to implement.
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  • Advanced Edition – call center analytics

Advanced Edition is all about maximizing  productivity and using technology to increase procedural efficiencies in customer service
IP Office Advanced Edition enables growing businesses to take advantage of Avaya’s industry-leading contact center expertise. For small to medium businesses that want to differentiate themselves through exceptional customer service, Advanced Edition provides customer service reps and their supervisors with the tools to effectively handle call volumes and gather and report valuable customer intelligence to help increase sales and agent productivity.Allow customers to access information, check status of orders and more, using integrated voice response services.


Measure and track customer service – Real time and historical call statistics gives your business insight into how well you are serving your customers

Quicker response to service issues – Simple to use management tools enable you to react to and change routing rules, agent assignments or service capacity on demand

Manage resources efficiently with automated 24/7 service – Self-help options can drive revenue in off-hours (access information, get directions, check order status and more) and free up agents for more critical, customer-facing tasks

Discover new opportunities – Leverage your customer recordings for first-hand information on what your customers want. Confidently create new offers or enhance existing ones to boost your revenue stream and expand market presence

Address individual agent needs – Quality checks (through call recordings) can reveal both positive and negative agent performance. This will enable you to correct or reward accordingly

Conflict resolution – Replay customer conversations to help resolve customer issues with the facts. Agents can request a supervisor or expert to join a call and provide guidance without the customer hearing.

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