Avaya (previous Nortel legacy equipment)

Avaya Business Communications Manager
Avaya Business Communications Manager portfolio delivers small to medium-sized businesses and branch offices in an award winning converged voice and data solution, providing a choice of digital and IP telephony solutions. Business Communications Manager offers the features businesses of all sizes require like telephony, unified messaging, multimedia call center, call recording, call monitoring, and remote connections.

Avaya Business Communications Manager 50 and 450

bcm50 and bcm 450

The affordable Business Communications Manager 50, scaled for small sites; whereas the Business Communications Manager 450, scaled for medium sized businesses. Both systems are pre-loaded with hundreds of features and a full suite of integrated applications. As your business grows and its needs evolve, you can activate more capabilities just by enabling a desired license.

  • Voice Messaging: Enables callers to leave important information on a mailbox for a selected user, department or groups of users. The system adds call information, such as calling line ID, time and date of the call and priority level. Employees can record their own personalized greetings and enjoy password-protected access to their messages from anywhere. Mailboxes are virtually unlimited, as the Business Communications Manager 50 provides 100 hours of message storage.
  • Automated Attendant: Answers calls 24 hours a day with your personalized greetings and routes calls to the right people, departments or voice mailboxes — according to time of day, day of week, holiday schedule and calling line ID. The routing logic can include multiple levels, so callers can self-direct to exactly the right destination. Unified Messaging: Converges voice, fax and email messages onto users’ PCs or laptops, to be managed by one standard application, such as Microsoft Outlook or Exchange. This convenience can be a real time-saver, especially for users with heavy call volume.
  • Digital and/or IP Based: The system is a hybrid system that allows users to go exclusively with a digital telephone sets, IP telephone sets, or a combination of the two. This allows users to customize their desired operation, utilize existing cabling infrastructure, and implement solutions with greater product and/or functions.
  • Convergence of Services over IP: Supports powerful new e-business applications that improve operations and customer service, cost-effectively extend network services to remote workers, increase portability, simplify moves and changes, and eliminate toll charges for site-to-site calls.
  • Universal Internet Access: Gives authorized users access to the company intranet or the Internet. Optional security features - such as authentication, encryption, firewall and virtual private networks (VPNs) - provide safe connectivity among business sites and for mobile or home-based employees.
  • Call Center: Distributes incoming calls among up to 10 active agents or designated employees, to create an order desk, reservations department, customer service group or technical support center. Calls can flow into two queues aligned with agent skills, so callers have an express lane to the right destination, and agents can give the best possible service.
  • Computer Telephony Integration: Enables you to use third-party, PC-based applications to control telephone services, such as a click-to-call company directory or automatic screen “pops” of a customer’s account status alongside a customer’s call.
  • Provides fabulous capabilities, including advanced unified communications such as FindMe/FollowMe and/or  Message Forwarding
  • Contains over 200 easy to use features;
  • Fantastic conferencing and call centre functionality;
  • Capability to connect multiple sites and/or offices;
  • Great monitoring and call tracking functionality;
  • Call recording capabilities;
  • Easy to upgrade feature function through key code licensing;
  • Very user friendly to manage and maintain;

Avaya (previous Nortel legacy equipment)