Digital Future Voice & Data has a long established position in the Canadian market for complete on-site premise based communications solutions to serve the needs of all types and sizes of business and non-profit organizations.
In all areas of communications technology, we collaborate with the world’s premier companies to build a portfolio that is both leading edge and flexible enough to meet any need.
As communication evolves and becomes increasingly more complex and sophisticated, Digital Future strives to continue to be a highly dependable, efficient and cost-conscious company that offers exceptional knowledge and commitment to excellence.
We can deliver anything from implementing the latest and most sophisticated solutions available on the market today, providing customers with extensive support for their existing equipment, programming and/or troubleshooting of available hardware, to the basics such as providing cabling solutions.
Digital Future offers a comprehensive Avaya, legacy Nortel and Cisco portfolios with comprehensive range of support and value-added services.
Our motto” Connecting business, better”  is not just a marketing slogan; it is our entire mindset and approach to entrepreneurship.

Accredited & Certified - Digital Future is a fully accredited and/or certified partner of Avaya/Nortel and Cisco products, with all employees qualified and highly trained professionals.
Exceptional Service – Digital Future is dedicated to prompt and the same day response time for all inquiries.
Turn Key Solutions – Digital Future offers comprehensive hardware solutions from the beginning of the project to its ultimate completion. We do everything from cabling to training.
Warranty & Maintenance - Warranties and maintenance agreements are available for each product we sell and/or support. Upon the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty, we offer extended maintenance agreements, invoiced monthly, quarterly, or annually.
Training - Full on-site training for all personnel is included in our pricing and its available at pre-installation, cut-over, or post-installation. On-going training is also included at no charge.
Consultations Services - Free consultations are available with trained professionals, who can advise you on all of the options available offered by Avaya, Cisco and Nortel.
Upgrades - Upgrades to enhance software and/or hardware performance are available at any time. We also accept the trading in of equipment at any time (at fair market value).
Coordination With Service Providers - Digital Future can provide coordination with all service providers, for all voice & data needs of our valuable customers.
After Hours Installation - Digital Future can provide after hours and/or weekend installations at no additional charge so that there is no business interruptions during crucial business hours.
Delivery - Delivery and installation of your new equipment usually can take place within two weeks of your order. In most circumstances, the time period can be reduced.
Financing Options - Financing options include monthly rental, lease to purchase, and outright purchase plans!

In summary, Digital Future designs and delivers customizable communications solutions to our clients to maximize their productivity, availability, and increase their revenues.
Our motto is not just a marketing slogan; it is our entire mindset and approach to business.
Digital Future understands the importance of creating and fostering relationships with clients that are founded on trust demonstrating by our knowledge and commitment to customer needs, the products and/or services we deliver.

Digital Future Voice & Data has been in business for nearly 17 years.

Digital Future is a fully accredited partners of Avaya, ex-Nortel and Cisco. As such, we offer the world’s most reliable, manageable, and affordable communications solutions.

Our staff members are all highly-qualified, trained professionals. Each employee is responsible for completing the newest available sales and/or technical training offered through our partners. Digital Future invests a substantial portion of its revenue to ensure that our employees not only know their respective products but have all the necessary credentials to be considered experts within telecommunications industry!

Digital Future understands the importance of creating and fostering relationships with clients that are founded on trust. We fundamentally believe that we can earn our clients trust by demonstrating our knowledge and commitment to the products and/or services we deliver. Furthermore, we are committed to implementing solutions to our customers that are rational, effective, and financially feasible.

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